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Corporate Consulting

Better talent. Better culture. Measurable results.
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Build Your Business By Building Your People

Corporate Consulting is a mission-driven consulting firm that teaches Founders, C-suite Executives, and Management teams how to not only be better leaders but also how to lead better lives. 


For over 30 years we have been teaching companies how to grow their leadership personally and professionally while giving them the tools and resources necessary to make great people decisions through our RSTMM® system. This integrative system focused on the recruitment, selection, training, management, and motivation of talent has helped some of today’s top companies recruit and develop human capital, build a strong and sustainable culture, and increase market share through higher-level performance.

  • We teach CEOs and their management team to be better leaders and lead more balanced lives

  • We provide educational services, lectures, seminars, and workshops in the field of business management

  • We offer books, course materials, and case studies

  • We offer executive-level training services



We are committed to providing outstanding leadership development by teaching leaders how to Recruit, Select, Train, Lead, Manage, Motivate, and Market their team to the next level of success.

Our Process - It's about forward-thinking.

When implemented our process increases morale, decreases burnout, and maximizes the bottom line.


Most CEOs and high-level executives had to wear many hats on their route to becoming the leaders that they are. But what often happens when they get to the top is that they take on more and more responsibility with less time to accomplish what needs to get done; and hiring and developing the right talent to do the right jobs can be a daunting task. Human capital becomes more important than ever before and the cost of a bad hire can be disastrous. Most CEOs were doers and now find themselves in the position of managing and building talent without the background to do so. 

Here are some key questions to ask yourself if you’re in this position…


1.     Can you personally recruit, select, train, manage, and motivate top talent?

2.     Can you predict whether someone will succeed in a particular role at your company?

3.     If you find the right person, do you know how to maximize her/his potential by putting them in the right role?

4.     Do you know how to lead while also growing personally and professionally?


Through an in-depth process of assessment, training, and development, we teach our clients how to achieve new levels of success by avoiding costly talent errors. We also help them become better leaders that lead better lives.


Our vision is to be the PREMIER executive leadership and CEO consulting and leadership development company in the world. 

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What is RSTMM®?

The RSTMM® process covers the key principles behind business success through people:

  • Recruit a pool of top candidates

  • Select the right person for the right job

  • Train them to do “the job” and raise production

  • Manage them efficiently and respectfully through humanistic approaches

  • Motivate them to reach performance goals personally and professionally 


How do you assess someone's behavior?

We use a brief but comprehensive behavioral survey developed and refined to measure a person's behavioral tendencies. From this assessment, our analysts can determine a person's most likely behavioral response in different situations, decision-making approaches, morale, adaptability, and fit for a particular role.


How do I sign up for one of your conferences?

Contact us by email or at 1 (434) 971-3848.


Confidential, effective communication fostering teamwork through respectful accountability to our clients and their leadership teams. 



"How long before we realize that proper management of a company's people, its most valuable resource, is the key to long-term prosperity?"

Richard Townsend

   Time Magazine, January 1997 


Imagine the right people in the right job... 

Doing so will take your company's human capital efficiency to new heights

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