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Winning Through


Winning Through Selection® - a two-day seminar that will teach you how to recruit and select top talent with a focus on efficiency, growth, and human capital productivity.


The right person in the right job greatly increases the likelihood of job success, while the right person in the wrong job can be a disaster; and the costs can be staggering. This two-day session will teach you how to match the behavioral traits of candidates, with the behavioral traits required for the role. It will also help you develop the necessary skills needed to recruit and select top talent.

With RSTMM, you're in control.


During this conference, you will not only learn the RSTMM®  process, but you will also learn how to customize the strategies to fit your individual style, needs, and business objectives. 

Winning Through Action Training®

Winning Through Action Training® = Talent Success!


Every person you hire is unique and must develop their own systems for success. The Winning Through Action Training Leadership Seminar teaches leaders how to develop a structured training process that helps each employee succeed. Using systematic methods around attitude, personal skill, and learning, participants of the conference will learn how to develop “self-managed” people who will succeed both individually and as part of a team

Winning Through Management & Motivation®

Winning Through Management and Motivation®

Great leaders are those who have mastered both high-level management and leadership techniques, and humanistic approaches to leadership. They lead by serving, and they care about people. This session teaches leaders how to understand the basic psychological needs of those under their leadership, and how to be tough and results oriented while remaining sensitive to the needs of those they serve.  This creates a cultural orientation of mutual trust and respect.

Winning Through Marketing®

Winning Through Marketing® 


This exclusive, two-day session will help you position your company as superior in the marketplace by building your people and assist you in developing marketing processes and behaviors that drive results.


Better people drive better results.

Winning Through Selection
Winning Through Action Training®
Winning Through Management and Motivation®
Winning Through Marketing® 

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